Barrett Martin: Singing Earth Tour
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Barrett Martin

All Ages
An evening of Storytelling, Film and Musical Adventures‎

First Come, First Served General Admission Seating With Standing Room In The Back.


BARRETT MARTIN of Screaming Trees & Mad Season, Grammy-Award Winning Producer

“Singing Earth” Tour

An evening of Storytelling, Film and Musical Adventures.

In support of his new Screaming Trees Book, and forthcoming TV Series “Singing Earth”


Grammy-winning producer, composer, percussionist, and writer, Barrett Martin, has been playing music professionally for over 30 years, including work on over 120 albums and film soundtracks worldwide. His work can be heard on albums by R.E.M., Mad Season, Screaming Trees, Queens Of The Stone Age, Tuatara, blues legend Cedell Davis, and recording sessions that range from the Peruvian Amazon, to Brazil, Cuba, the Palestinian West Bank, the Mississippi Delta, and the Alaskan Arctic. Barrett also holds a master’s degree in ethnomusicology and linguistics, and has studied and practiced Zen for over 25 years.

He has guest lectured at several universities across the United States, and has written essays for The Huffington Post and Riot Material Magazine. In 2014 he was awarded the ASCAP Deems Taylor/Virgil Thompson Award for excellence in writing, and in 2017 he received two Latin Grammy nominations, winning one for producing Nando Reis’ Best Brazilian Rock Or Alternative Album, “Jardim-Pomar”.

Barrett’s first book, “The Singing Earth,” was released in 2017, and his second book, “The Way Of The Zen Cowboy,” was released in 2019. His third book, “Stillpoint,” was released on October 8th, 2021. His solo band, The Barrett Martin Group, has released 10 studio albums to date.

His essays for Huffington Post can be read here: Huffington Post

His essays for Riot Material can be read here: Riot Material

Stillpoint: Reflections From A Year On The Cliff (2021 Sunyata Books)

Stillpoint is the moment between thoughts, when all mental chatter ceases and the clarity of absolute mind emerges from within. Stillpointis also an album of original music and a book of short stories from Latin Grammy-winning producer, writer, and Zen practitioner, Barrett Martin. Building on his previous two books that also came with musical soundtracks (The Singing Earth 2017, The Way Of The Zen Cowboy 2019), Stillpoint is a stand alone studio album, but it also serves as the soundtrack for Barrett’s 3rd book in the series titled, Stillpoint: Reflections From A Year On The Cliff.

Both the book and the album were written and recorded during a calendar year between 2019-2020, when Barrett and his wife lived in a remote cliff house inside a wildlife refuge overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca, between Washington State and British Columbia. It’s a region where Barrett grew up and locals refer to as Cascadia, a wild and dramatic place with fierce storms, enchanting forests, and magical animals: bald eagles, ravens, hawks, screech owls, coyotes, raccoons, deer, bats, and the odd multicolored snake, are just some of the many creatures that reside in Cascadia and inspire the songs from the album, and the stories in the book.

Because of the remote location of the house, Barrett had to engineer, record, and play almost all of the instruments himself. It is also the first all-acoustic album he has ever produced (from a discography of 120 albums and soundtracks), using no electric or amplified instruments. Instead you’ll hear piano, upright bass, vibraphone, drums, trumpet, all-manner of exotic percussion, and Barrett’s own voice as a harmonic instrument. Thus, the music is embedded with acoustic vibrations, and the mysteriously beautiful atmosphere of a wildlife refuge on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea. Barrett’s longtime friend and trumpet player, Dave Carter, added the beautiful trumpet solos, and Barrett’s wife, Lisette Garcia, contributed additional percussion.

As a counterpoint to the album, the book contains a series of 18 short stories, also inspired from that wild environment, which range from Barrett’s childhood memories, to animal stories, to environmental lessons from his decades of travel and ethnomusicology fieldwork with indigenous people, as well as his observations on the political and environmental turmoil that has enveloped the world.

Stillpoint is both a written philosophy, as well as a sonic adventure. Both take the reader/listener on an extended journey into the wilderness of the great Pacific Northwest – and beyond.

The Way Of The Zen Cowboy: Fireside Stories From a Globetrotting Rhythmatist (2019 Sunyata Books)

It has been a very creative few years for percussionist, composer, producer, and storyteller Barrett Martin. In 2017 he won a Latin Grammy for his album production work in Brazil, he released his first book, “The Singing Earth: Adventures From A World Of Music”, and in 2018 he released his 6th solo album, “Transcendence.”

2019 proved to be no less fruitful, and the efforts of those years have resulted in 3 new releases, including his second book, “The Way Of The Zen Cowboy: Fireside Stories From A Globetrotting Rhythmatist”, and 2 double albums: “Songs Of The Firebird” and “Indwell.” The new book and these 2 albums can be seen as two sides of the same coin, an exercise in classic storytelling and adventurous music.

“The Way Of The Zen Cowboy” (Sunyata Books) is a collection of short stories, 35 tales in all, which are based on Barrett’s personal experiences in environments around the world, as well as wisdom tales heard directly from indigenous elders, his grandparents, and some of the cowboys and veterans he was mentored by. These 35 stories are built around 7 themes that are highly important in the development of a human being, particularly in the dramatic times in which we live. The book also comes with a free digital download of the new double album from the Barrett Martin Group titled, “Songs Of The Firebird.”

The Singing Earth: Adventures From A World Of Music (2017 Sunyata Books)

The Singing Earth is a collection of musical adventure stories from musician and writer Barrett Martin. The book chronicles his musical work in 14 musical regions, across 6 continents, over the course of 30 years. It starts with his involvement in the 1990’s Seattle music scene, and then it explores song lines and sea trails in Australia and New Zealand; trance drumming in Central America; Griot music in West Africa; musical diplomacy in Cuba; touring with a Brazilian rock band; recording shamanic music in the Peruvian Amazon; playing the blues in the Mississippi Delta; recording in the Palestinian West Bank; the power of resistance in American music; and the influence of Asia in music and culture. There is also a companion soundtrack that comes with the book as a digital download, which contains 44 songs from Barrett’s various bands, as well as field recordings and natural soundscapes from the incredible musical environments he has visited. Those who read and listen to the musical journey that Barrett describes will find themselves transported through exotic global landscapes where they learn about the connections between ecology, community, and the music that connects us to our greater humanity.

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