Jesse LaBranche Benefit Show
Premier Concerts and Manic Presents:

Rusty Things

Strawberry Cheesesteak, Zombiii, Bobby Dyckman

All Ages
feat. Rusty Things, Strawberry Cheesesteak, Zombii, Bobby Dyckman

General Admission Standing Room Only


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MUSE), Doro Tachler (IGLOO), Avery Matthews, and Junko Hemmi (CANDYCANE). These people and others helped make and/or perform songs that became ‘Cats of The Wild, Volume 2′, the mini-album, EP, or whatever it was (Bubble Core Records, released 25 March 2003). Subsequently, there was some touring with a “Damon-Rob-Adam-Mike-Doro-and-very-rarely-

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Zombii is a pop punk/punk rock band formed in 2013. Showcasing Dueling vocals, frantic energy, and stick with you for weeks catchy hooks. With performances in over half the continental United States under their belt, Zombii has collaborated and performed with bands from your local diy, to main stage legends. Pair that with countless breweries, dive bars, backyards and basements and festivals, Zombii has entertained in almost every setting from coast to coast. 
 Zombii’s most recent and 4th full album “Fail Harder”, was released in October of 2021, on Damaged Heart Records, followed by an extended weekend run. The album pulls on heavy influences from off with their heads, the bouncing souls, and rancid, with a little 90’s pop punk sprinkled in, and showcases Jeremy Zombii, Zachary Yost, and Ray Hilton. Now with Rich Maxwell on bass, Zombii is pushing out dueling guitar/bass riffs that boost the vocal melodies and run right along with their catchy hooks.

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Links: Official Website | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Venue Information:
Space Ballroom
295 Treadwell Street

Hamden, CT, 06514