Told Slant
Premier Concerts and Manic Presents:

Told Slant

Sister., Pearl Sugar, Porcelaine

All Ages
with Sister., Pearl Sugar, Porcelaine

General Admission Standing Room Only


Told Slant is the music of Brooklyn-raised songwriter and drummer Felix Walworth. They’ve released three full length LPs over the last decade, all of which examine questions of connectedness, love, devotion, and self-knowledge. Often, their writing comes in the form of partly obscured windows into the deeply personal: moments of rupture or expressions of true love witnessed through a gap in the curtain.

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Sister. consists of Hannah (they/she), Ceci (she/her), and James (he/him). Sister. happened by accident—during their senior year of college, Ceci wrote a song for a course assignment and asked roommate Hannah to sing it. The band released their debut EP "Soft Spot" in August of 2020, and their sophomore EP "Something / Nothing" in September 2021. Now, Sister. is gearing up to release their debut LP, Abundance. The nine songs, largely about friendship, span three years worth of collaborative songwriting, with the heart of the record originating in “Abundance”, a song Hannah and Ceci wrote together based on the Ralph Waldo Emerson essay “Gifts”. Sister. regularly performs at venues across the east coast, including a residency at C’mon Everybody and a February 25th show at TV EYE in Brooklyn.

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In their 7th year, Pearl Sugar takes to the stage; a place familiar to them. This year it feels different and we don’t know why. Now, a word from Chris Bugnacki: “Hi lovies so excited for the 4/20 show it’s gonna be so groovy if you know what I mean MWAH xoxo. I love Space Ballroom and am really looking forward to the music.”

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The project of Brenna Colangelo, East Coast chanteuse

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Venue Information:
Space Ballroom
295 Treadwell Street

Hamden, CT, 06514