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Smoking Popes
Premier Concerts and Manic Presents:

Smoking Popes

with Future Teens, Taking Meds
Doors: 7:00 pm | Show: 8:00 pm
All Ages
Space Ballroom
Hamden, CT
$20.00 - $25.00

General Admission Standing Room Only


“Ever wonder what a traditional lounge singer would sound like backed up by a punk band? The Smoking Popes take that concept one step further: They've created a unique kind of music that some listeners are describing as ‘hyperkinetic tear-jerkers’." Los Angeles Times

Bursting onto the Chicago punk scene in 1991, Smoking Popes built a relationship with their legion of fans by melding raw songs about bittersweet heartache with soaring melodies, power chords and infectious energy. From their early indie releases to their critically acclaimed major label albums, Smoking Popes developed a unique blend of buzzsaw guitars, caffeinated rhythms and heartfelt crooning vocals, combining the angst of punk with the smooth sophistication of Frank Sinatra, creating music both urgent and timeless, and influencing a generation of musicians in their wake.

These days, the Popes are tighter and more inspired than ever, having reunited with drummer Mike Felumlee, from the band’s seminal recordings of the ‘90s. Lead singer Josh Caterer describes the reunion, “We’ve been fortunate to have some really great drummers over the years, they’ve all brought something unique to the band, but as soon as we started playing with Mike again, we felt like ‘This is how it’s supposed to be!’ Mike is the one who helped create our sound in the first place. Having him back in the band brings a lot of energy and excitement to what we’re doing.”

That excitement is palpable on “Into The Agony”, the first full-length Smoking Popes album featuring their original lineup since 1998’s “The Party’s Over.” Brilliantly mixed by the legendary Jamie Woolford, “Into The Agony” is a poignant collection of sublimely crafted songs, passionately delivered by a band clearly at the top of their game. If this new album is any indication, Smoking Popes are far from done making waves.

“Into The Agony” is available Oct 12 th 2018 on Asian Man Records. The band will be hitting the road to support the release, with dates covering North America and Europe in the coming year.

“Why are the Smoking Popes important? Because they’ve written your favorite song, whether you know it or not.” – Kyle Kinane, Comedian & Smoking Popes Superfan

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Taking Meds are back with their new single, "Memory Lane." Out now via Smartpunk Records, the new track is a three minute blast of '90s-influenced alternative that hints at what's to come this year from the New York based four-piece. 
 Produced/recorded by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios (The Armed, Joyce Manor, NAILS), "Memory Lane" is the first new music from Taking Meds since the release of their 2021 full-length, Terrible News From Wonderful Men, and it flies out of the gate with big guitars and bigger melodies that never let up. The group seamlessly merge college rock catchiness with the energy and bite of their post-hardcore roots, making for the kind of track that's sure to have you hitting repeat the second it's done. 
 Vocalist/guitarist Skylar Sarkis discussed the new song and direction, saying: 
 "I like retreating into fantasy when I’m feeling dissatisfied with reality because fantasy doesn’t have to consider any downsides. My current favorite is moving into the mountains and never talking to anyone again. However, the most common one for me has always been nostalgia. This song is pretty much about that. Musically, it’s pretty new territory for us. We wanted to write big choruses and big leads because that’s what we want to hear right now. Nobody has ever agreed on a classification for our music so everyone has always just called us a rock band. Now they can finally be right. You’re welcome."

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