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Kidnapped, Intercourse

All Ages
with Kidnapped, Intercourse

General Admission Standing Room Only


The history of the Cro-Mags is integral to the history of Hardcore, its evolution from punk and the development of alternative music genres such as hardcore, cross-over, thrash metal, post punk and grunge to name a few. Numerous iconic bands from Metallica to Green Day, and individuals such as Dave Grohl have credited Cro-Mags with having had a primal influence on their development.

Born out of the violence and depravity of the Lower East Side of New York in the late 70s and early 80s, the Cro-Mags was the brainchild of a very young Harley Flanagan (at the time 14 years old) when still playing with the Stimulators. By 1982/83 he wrote and recorded the very first Cro-Mags demos consisting of 4 songs that would become the blueprint for the seminal 1986 “Age of Quarrel.” He wrote all of the music, played each instrument and sang. Before long he connected with Parris Mayhew and the two started writing music and auditioning band members.

After several line-ups, 5 studio albums (beyond the original demos) and 30 + years of tours around the world, Cro-Mags remains one of the most iconic hardcore bands with arguably the greatest reach beyond the genre.

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Connecticut Powerviolence. Your bands favorite band.

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Renowned for incendiary live shows and ferocious stage presence, Intercourse carve a singular niche within New England’s outsider hardcore scene. Founded in 2014 by vocalist Tarek Ahmed, a self-titled EP soon followed, establishing a steady stream of releases punctuated by 2016's Pissing into the Abyss EP and 2017’s split release with North Carolina’s The Asound. 2018’s debut lp Everything is Pornography When You've Got an Imagination and 2019’s Bum Wine 7” (both on Constant Disappointment Records) saw the band further expanding their reach by venturing out across New England and the Mid-Atlantic through to North Carolina, selling out multiple vinyl pressings in the process.

Though previously beset upon with fluctuating lineups (no doubt folding under the weight of the madness), Ahmed and longtime drummer Caleb Porter mined opportunity from within the inertia of 2020’s pandemic, concluding the year with both a decisive incarnation and sophomore record Rule 36. Engineered and produced at Dead Man’s Blade Studio with Ryan Pelegano (Posture and the Grizzly, Double Gainer) at the helm, the 9 tracks contained herein see Ahmed’s cynically unhinged vocals bolstered by guitarist Sean Prior’s unholy squall, Porter’s pummeling onslaught, and bassist Pete Stroczkowski’s molten sludge. The group blister through apocalyptic landscapes of fetishistic surgeons, reptilian onanists, and belligerent MAGA bros at the speed and heft of a bullet train collision, stopping only once the cacophonous feedback of closer ‘Pagliacci Was Ahead Of His Time’ sputters out from the weight of Ahmed’s screams of unfettered grief and self-destruction.

Poised for a return to the stage and an opportunity to once again unleash their particular brand of caterwaul unto live audiences everywhere, Intercourse offer up Rule 36 in the interim. The time until then will be no doubt spent doing what comes naturally to the band: preparing the next barrage of sonic assault.

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A bunch of old men playing hardcore punk. Ex-members of more bands then we want to talk about.

In early 2020 Ryan, Andy, and Gerry from Blastmat started talking about some possible reunion shows. They brought in Sanchez on drums and let people know they might get back together. Mike from M-13 found out and let them know they should have a second guitar player and that it should be him. Then Covid hit, the world went crazy, and no one was going to be playing shows for a while. So they decided to go from "play a few reunion shows" to "let's just start a new band" and Freezing Process was born. Starting with a set of old Blastmat songs the band soon started forging their own sound, a mix of classic CT Hardcore with a generous helping of Crossover Thrash and a hint of West Coast melodic hardcore.

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Venue Information:
Space Ballroom
295 Treadwell Street

Hamden, CT, 06514