Your Spirit Dies
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Your Spirit Dies

Balmora, Centralya, Ghost Child, Deal With God

All Ages
with Balmora, Centralya, Ghost Child, Deal With God

General Admission Standing Room Only


Columbia, South Carolina act Your Spirit Dies is determined to set the record straight on metalcore. Formed in 2019 and making their recorded debut on 2020’s The Process of Grief, they call back to the halcyon days before metalcore was just hardcore’s more popular but markedly less cool younger sibling. Instead of watered down, radio-ready choruses and questionable fashion choices, Your Spirit Dies delivers deft, darkly melodic riffing and surgically precise, crushing breakdowns. Taking cues from Gothenburg melodeath inspired acts like Undying and Arkangel, the band understands the power inherent in the form when it’s done right. There are enough harmonized leads and triplet breakdowns here for even the most rigid metalcore purist to take note. But with modern sensibilities and the power of hindsight in their toolkit, this is a fresh take that is just as likely to attract new fans to the genre as it is to impress old ones. This isn’t a rehash, but a reimagining. A peek into an alternate universe where metalcore went left at the fork instead of right, eschewing commercial appeal in favor of authenticity. Your Spirit Dies is not just what metalcore could’ve been—It’s what it should be.

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Post-hardcore from Central Connecticut.

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Venue Information:
Space Ballroom (Front Room)
295 Treadwell Street

Hamden, CT, 06514